Who Should be Involved and Who Should Attend?

Who Should be Involved?

The CEO and Board Members
Because Boards are requiring sign off on cyber risk readiness, the Cybersecurity Forum enables direct collaboration between peers on the latest solutions that enable maximum security readiness. Session formatting establishes an environment where executives have direct access to what the largest enterprises in the world are doing to mitigate cyber threats and risks.

To foster best practice exchange and high-value access that allow CISOs to vet, validate and verify their thoughts, ideas and concerns with their peers, federal protection agencies, and top industry experts. To gain access to game changing information and relationships that dramatically accelerate the growth and success of their companies.

As the CIO role evolves, gaining insight into creating and maintaining a forward-thinking vision, mission, and strategic plan that encompasses a global protection perspective is essential. The Cybersecurity Forum provides an environment for CISOs to network with peers and an elite group of leaders to evaluate and discuss the latest threats, vulnerabilities and advancements in defending the escalating volumes of cybersecurity attacks.

Chiefs of Risk and Compliance
With the velocity of how the internet of things is moving, heads of risk and threat mitigation, need a top down support and understanding of communication 360 degrees around the organization. Building relationships with top risk officers is paramount for these leaders to be fully aware and prepared to do everything possible to govern, defend and protect their enterprise.

The Advisory Board
Advisory Board oversees each Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum. The Board is an elite group of 40-50 CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CSOs, Heads of Risk and Compliance and key technology stakeholders who nominate and select the subjects and topics for the agenda by providing insights into threats, challenges, successes, and best practices as well as next practices. The Board also recommends and selects speakers and key strategic partners to sponsor and collaborate to address industry best practices at the Collaboration Forums.