The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy

    Online Cybersecurity Leadership Training

    The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy is an online 12-week collaborative readiness program led by CISOs and experienced thought leaders who deliver a proven framework and insights on leading and securing an organization most critically important assets. This program equips participants to become the most effective cybersecurity leader possible. A Cyber Defense Manager and graduate from the program described it this way: “The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership course was comparable to “drinking from a firehose.” When all is said and done, I have a comprehensive cybersecurity leadership body of knowledge to reflect and integrate into my best practices.”  Another graduate, a Senior Security Engineer, had this to say: “Today, I had my quarterly performance review, and my manager stated that he noticed a marked improvement in my performance.  Most notably, there was a dramatic improvement in my business communication skills. This improvement was a direct result of applying what I learned from this course.  Thanks for making me a better leader.”


    Key Challenges

    Information security is no longer a peripheral focus for organizations. In the wake of massive breaches to Fortune 500 companies with costs in the billions of dollars, cybersecurity is an essential element of protection for enterprise organizations, universities, public utility companies, and government agencies alike.

    Most organizations have a risk management plan to protect their data, employees, customers, and brand, but over 80% say they need to do more, with the most significant need being for the soft skills of leadership.

    Every information security officer and risk manager desires to do more for their teams when it comes to leadership development. They want their analysts and other security personnel to become not only trusted business partners but also—importantly—leaders for the business.

    Our Solution

    The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy develops your risk managers, cybersecurity professionals, and teams what it means to think and act as a cybersecurity leader. Session topics include the following

    "This is a transformational leadership program that has proven to be the most scalable, cost-effective, and efficient way to make your leaders better."
    - General Colin Powell

    "The learnings are tremendous, and the way of providing the content is very appropriate for a leader who has to take care of their job in parallel to further developing themselves."
    -Dennis Boecker VP, IT Americas Robert Bosch LLC

    "Incredible results. I don’t know if ‘unprecedented’ is too strong a word—I don’t think so."
    -Tom Murphy, CIO, University of Pennsylvania

    "The online platform is highly effective, accessible, and convenient for all those progressing through the program."
    - Adel Zahiry, Tech Security Business Leader NBC

    "Several of our most promising frontline managers were among the first to enroll. We have seen immediate value from their participation."
    -Wes Hargrove, SVP of Development, 7-Eleven

    "The program not only met but exceeded my expectations... It has the best curriculum for professionals compared to others. The learnings are tremendous and the way of providing the content is very appropriate for leaders who have to take care of their jobs in addition to further developing themselves."
    Keith Albert, Chief IT & PMO, Ohio DPS

    "Every part of the simulated attack could happen in the real world, which made this feel like practice, not theory."
    - Mike Lewis, Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, Operations, Global knowledge

    "The course is really great. A lot of topics are what I deal with on a daily basis, so it is great to know what others are doing, and they bring a lot of new ideas."
    - Guillermo Frick, Regional IT & Information Security, Manager, PwC

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    Maximize Employee Potential to Gain a Competitive Edge

    Your organization’s emerging security leaders deserve to learn from the brightest minds in the industry, and you deserve to see a return on your investment. The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy is a world-class leadership development program that transfers proven expertise from CISOs to the front line.

    Meet Your Faculty

    Core Principles

    What Keeps You Up At Night

    What Are You Doing About It

    The Perfect Storm

    Why is Change So Hard

    Steps for Effective Change

    Leading with Hope

    What’s Going to Happen

    The Oath of a Leader

    My Best Advice

    Event Details
      Cohort Details

      Cohort Details

      January Cohorts

      Onboarding – Dec. 18th, 2019
      Kickoff – Jan. 6th, 2020
      Graduation – Apr. 10th, 2020

      April Cohorts

      Onboarding – Apr. 8th, 2020
      Kickoff – Apr. 20th, 2020
      Graduation – July. 24th, 2020

      August Cohorts

      Onboarding – Jul. 22nd, 2020
      Kickoff – Aug. 3rd, 2020
      Graduation – Nov. 6th, 2020

      September Cohorts

      Onboarding – Sep. 2nd, 2020
      Kickoff – Sep. 14th, 2020
      Graduation – Dec. 18th, 2020

      Others benefiting from this Academy

      Others benefiting from this Academy